Monday, October 16, 2017

Welcome! Let's SustainOv8!

I have often been asked, "what is the best part of being a professor"? I keep coming back to my original, spontaneous response: "I get paid to be a full-time student!" This is true in my teaching, as well as in my consulting and other endeavors. I see my role as learning, digesting and then sharing what I have learned with others, in ways they can immediately apply. Now the sharing is, by definition, a collaborative effort. I believe the learning and digesting should be collaborative also, and iterative as well. In this spirit, this blog has been created.

SustainOv8 is a verb, formed as a mashup of "Sustainable" & "Innovate". This blog is dedicated to the sharing and discussion of new ideas, new processes, new applications that support a more sustainable way of doing business; one that thrives in harmony with the ecological and social environment around us. Its topics will range among the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility, Conscious Capitalism, Global Sustainable Development and the like. My hope is to explore (share, discuss and debate) these innovations, these "Fresh Ideas for a Thriving World".

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